Wednesday, August 12, 2009

through the eyes of children

These pictures were taken by my children, ages 4 and 9. Every time I let them use the camera, I am in awe of the results, by the view on which they see the world.  Their pictures are always full of color and expression and in appreciation of the small but beautiful and magnificent wonders of life.  Life is good, and it is all a matter of perception. One can be living in total poverty or war and find simple joys and connection with family and community. In the same moment another can be living in a bubble of outrageous wealth and have all the material desires fulfilled, but not know in essence who their family and friends are and be in complete loneliness and disconnection from the meaning of life.  Again this week God presented me with the opportunity to view life from an unselfish perspective, to be in gratitude for the simple pleasures of life, to again realign with my heart and approach life with genuine interest and to expand with the unlimited opportunities to serve Him.  I have had to look at my life with a gentler eye, to pull into perspective what messages I have been sending to myself, my children my family and ultimately the world, and to readjust my attitude.  I realize that when someone approaches me with an idea, including myself and my own ideas, that I always can find a way for it not to work. I have been an unflinching pessimist, being sure that success was something for someone else who had life "easier".  Well, that had to change and God sent some pretty powerful messages my way, in answer to my prayer to help change my "bad" attitude. He did it in such a loving way though, and what i needed to learn came through so loud and clear like a beautiful song, that it has brought me to tears of gratitude.  I now realize that I can see life just as it is, without any expectations or trying to see it "my" way, how I think it should look.  When I ask myself what is important to me, and am I living in alignment with my heart, then everything I see and do is based on that. If I am acting in a way that denies my true feelings than the world is a dark and dreary place, but if I constantly remind myself of what is really important to me than I can constantly adjust myself to stay true to that.  I want to be sure that I don't walk around for the rest of my life shooting down dreams of my own and others like a trigger happy outlaw, but to instead nourish and encourage those dreams. I am from now on seeing life as an abundant life, not one full of limitations and roadblocks.  I thank God who's one of many names is Isvara, meaning the Supreme controller, for always giving me the chance to serve Him, with my mind, body and words. I thank my family for not ditching their cranky ol' mom and my friends for their peaceful insights, support and encouragement.