Friday, July 10, 2009

curious cows

Curious cows, yep, thats what I got
I thought when I got a cow, I would have this uncomplicated relationship, full of loving interactions, based on a giving-giving concept. I give her scratching, food, protection from the elements, peace of mind and she gives me her milk and companionship. Didn't seem like it was that complicated. So we got a heifer, young, reliant on us for her care and companionship. We tamed her and loved her and fed her and still do. She is a wonderful cow. Then just recently someone asked us to milk their cow for them, because they would like her to be milked, but they havn't the time to do it themselves. Great! We have milked plenty of cows in the past, but never had one for our own. Great preparation for our heifer soon to be milk cow!  Now I am finding that cow psychology is a very complicated thing!  Pua, the cow who came to us is a lovely little thing, sweet natured, curious and so much more. When it comes to milking though, she is teaching us a new thing about cows! Of course when she first came she would have just been as happy to kick our heads in and be done with the problem, but we were very persistent and loving and forgiving. all that hard work amounted to something and she now stands like a dream, only occasionally moving a foot while we milk her. The frustrating malady that is plaguing us though, is she wont let down! This big animal, holding up her milk and what we get would embarrass her if she only knew that a goat would give more!  So the days are going by and she is so slowly giving a bit more each day. YEA! We are progressing, all the love and food and attention, I think she likes it! Well, last night she decides to give 5 cups. Well now, what about that one?  Stubborn, stupid, cranky cow..... all those thoughts stop just behind my teeth, but easily come through my fingers!  I am hoping by skipping this mornings milking that she will be ready to let down by tonite! I understand though, if I had to leave my baby behind with gramma while I got moved somewhere else to have my boobs squeezed, I would definitely be pissed off!  I am hoping to love her enough to wear her down though, where she cant help but love us a little in return! I havnt apologized to her about the seperation from her calf, maybe if I do she will soften a bit towards us. She seems to like Nilamani ,our other cow, well enough. Mani doesnt care if we milk her though, as long as she gets her sritches and scratches and good grass, she's happy.

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